Coffee Cup Poem no.77

Life Line

Imagination sinks into its seat
finally beaten(O!so beat)
by life and all its worries

dealt a blow(crashing, it has)
lonely innocence,gone and passed
flails its arms drown,drowning

it breaks away(I wish I could)
let go of life-stale,I would I would
if it would come back,afloat

andfloat into the air,into the sky
I look into the sun,moon,so high
,so high and capture dandelion hope

whispering to air,so wanting
wanting to find a dreamer’s wishings
mind,imagination,bide time

together sinking,washing(the moon-tide)
swinging backandforth,sidetoside
trying to catch hopes,       unawares

(the dandelion floats above
,catching on to the oceanwind shrug
falling in love,in love, in love)

Coffee Cup Poem no.76

Words of Wisdom

Sometimes I feel as though I’m a raving lunatic
Simply hiding behind a facade
of compound sentences
neatly arranged words
that sometimes transform
into something coherent.

The pen moves sturdy and even
across the page, making clear
the thoughts raging and banging.
Is the page an outlet
or a lined cage?

Words some may call wise
are sometimes thoughts of madness
merely packaged and sold
to a wantingaudience.

Life lessons from the Mad Hatter,
what a confused philosophy.

Coffee Cup Poem no.75

*I had a lot of form problems with this. It was originally in four quatrains, but it seemed a bit too prose like. Not sure how much this has improved it form-wise, but it’s a start I suppose.

I Wonder…

I wonder when I will stop counting
the constellations and galaxies between us
since you left earth
and took to the stars,
looking back, looking down
at the life you counted down until take off.

I wonder if you’ll glance, now and then,
from the moon and miss the earth,
its infinite color, and wish
for rainbows instead of black holes,
those yellow roses you left in the garden.
Your white picket fence.

I wonder if the constllations and galaxies
are everything you thought they’d be from earth
hanging in the sky
so silent, so hot, so burning
calling you to the skies,
calling for take off.

I wonder, looking up at the great expanse,
blinking in white hot light
blurring edges between dippers and belts
if you see the same black burning
the great expanse, growing, glowing
and you wonder, keep wondering, too.

Coffee Cup Poem no.74

Can You Hear the Devil Drawing Near

Each day I hear echoes
of your life, encased,
the walls of this house
packed up, stored away
as anger brews in hearts.

The reality of who you became,
the devil sitting on your shoulder
drawing nearer, taking over
sinks in further, further
with every old box, new disvovery.

One day I’ll unpack these boxes
air out your things in daylight new
when the anger blows away with layersof dust
and I forgive you, but that devil,
that devil who took you, drew you near,
that devil can go back to hell.

Coffee Cup Poem no.73

A New Motto

You never move on
,not from this,
but instead chose
to start living again.
Life will keep going with
or without you.
Some things are never forgotten
but, even so, you must live
and re-enter the world–
find reality, find happiness,
find a way to climb out of the hole
quickly closing, and closing–
whenyou are ready,
there life waits, living
without you.