In a Nutshell

I write poems on odd things, specifically Coffee Cups. This means that I do, in fact, drink large amounts of tea and coffee (which is probably irrelevant). This also may seem a bit weird, and I would tend to agree. However, poetry is the everyday and it is the ordinary. It is outside your window, sitting on a shelf, and even in a coffee cup.

I took up the habit of writing on cups in a class; to be honest, it was the result of boredom and poor planning. Inspiration strikes when it strikes, and I happened to have nothing to write on but a cup. Seriously. Not even a napkin. But that is what’s great about inspiration: it sometimes leads you in odd directions and makes us find a way to express a thought. Poetry is not some lofty, exclusive club that only T.S. Eliot, Yeats, and William Blake belong to, but rather a way of thinking. It is truly anywhere and everywhere. Some of the poems on this blog are good, but most are simply random, thrown together thoughts. The point is that anyone can write poetry, and also that it does not matter one iota if it’s publish worthy or not. It matters that creativity lives in you and that expression is wonderful no matter how “important” or “worthy” you feel a thought is.

So please, old readers, new readers and just passing-by readers: write. As Natalie Goldberg once wrote, “Don’t think, just keep your pen moving.” The world deserves more poetry love, so you should write one down–any poem on anything– and pass it on!

All the entries and images in this blog are, unless otherwise specified, copyright. My work may not be reproduced without my prior permission. 

© Danielle Pfaff

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5 thoughts on “In a Nutshell

  1. I absolutely love this idea, how you write poems on coffee cups. You have a great approach to writing and to poetry, too, you love coffee, and you write great poems! You are an awesome person and this is an awesome blog I will definitely be returning to! :)

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