Coffee Cup Poem no.18

Sometimes the sounds of construction get a tad annoying, which is bad news because there is always something under construction. That, and how awful that banging noise out my window is, is what I was thinking when I scribbled this out on the coffee cup (another first drafter, so sorry about the oddness of it all).

Construction is Annoying/Rebuilding Life by D.P.

Buildings and monuments being torn apart
to make room for the new, to begin to reconstruct
the aged, to transform, improve, upgrade the past
to make something current, and something to last.

The irony.

We play with life as if it were legos,
shuffling the blocks into place like gods
and changing faces with a snap and pop
wishing to exchange our pasts like better toys.

The  physical world is in a state of renovation,
in service of the restlessness of innovation,
but I think it’s a form of sublimation,
although going under the knife is revelation.

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