Coffee Cup Poem no.77

Life Line

Imagination sinks into its seat
finally beaten(O!so beat)
by life and all its worries

dealt a blow(crashing, it has)
lonely innocence,gone and passed
flails its arms drown,drowning

it breaks away(I wish I could)
let go of life-stale,I would I would
if it would come back,afloat

andfloat into the air,into the sky
I look into the sun,moon,so high
,so high and capture dandelion hope

whispering to air,so wanting
wanting to find a dreamer’s wishings
mind,imagination,bide time

together sinking,washing(the moon-tide)
swinging backandforth,sidetoside
trying to catch hopes,       unawares

(the dandelion floats above
,catching on to the oceanwind shrug
falling in love,in love, in love)

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