Want to Talk?


Who is this weird coffee consuming, so-so poem writing girl? Well, I would rather know who you are. Seriously, I would love to know. It would be wonderful to start a conversation with new writers, seasoned writers, and writers who don’t yet know they are writers.

As for me: well,  this blog is very simply and very obviously the unedited and unfiltered ramblings of a student. Specifically a student earning a Masters and on her way to being an English teacher. These are Half-formulated thoughts with no interruptions. So please be entertained, if even in the slightest of ways and have a great day. The latter is always of considerable importance!

If you are interested in fast updates follow me by email, on twitter or as dlpfaff on the Instagram. If you would like to contact me, please do! Leave a comment on this blog, link up on twitter, look me up on tumblr at http://sosopoems.tumblr.com/ , or send me an email at dlpfaff11@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “Want to Talk?

    • Thank you! It was good to find your blog too. I love that there is such an active community of poets sharing their art on the web!

  1. It’s always nice to ‘meet’ another writer/poet. It’s easy to feel alone and disconnected, especially at 3 am, and the self-doubt hits, and you think you don’t like any of the fifty-thousand odd words you wrote…

    • I know exactly how that feels. Writing is something so natural, but so daunting at the same time. The internet may be challenging the printed word, but it is encouraging to experience such an unprecedented and open exchange of writing!

  2. Best friend,
    I love your blog. It is such an extension of yourself that sometimes people don’t get to see. I read every poem, some make me cry, others make me smile. I remember all those silly poems you would write on my birthday cards or just make up and tell me. I would love to see some of those scribbles from old legal pads you keep in your (now) old desk! “early musings of a poet” or something…
    Even though we don’t get to see each other every day, or week, or month, I get to glimpse in your life with these poems. So thanks for sharing.
    Love- Carey

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